The global telecommunications carrier industry is in the midst of disruptive change. Deregulation, commoditization, and multi-service IP proliferation are transforming the competitive landscape, while Ethernet; on-demand content; and services supporting video, gaming, and mobile communications are changing the balance of carrier services. To survive and prosper, carriers must transition their infrastructure to deliver high-bandwidth, multi-service applications.

Lambda OpticalSystems partners with leading global telecommunications carriers to develop next-generation network solutions based on the Lambda Node 2000 all-optical switch and the integrated Lambda Create network management software suite. Simple, affordable, and scalable, Lambda OpticalSystems solutions empower carriers to plan, build, manage, and competitively exploit new network capabilities. Carriers can non-disruptively layer these next-generation technologies on top of legacy systems to accelerate time-to-market for new applications, increase their revenue streams, and ensure investment protection.