Single Point of Control
The LambdaCreate network management software suite enables remote, real-time, end-to-end control of all Lambda Node 2000 switches in the metro/regional network. The Lambda Optical Control Plane (OCP), the operating system running on the Lambda Node, fully integrates the Lambda Node switching family with the LambdaCreate software suite.

Comprehensive, Robust Functionality
Fully FCAPS (Fault-Management, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) compatible, the LambdaCreate software suite provides a robust functionality in all management disciplines, including:
  • Topology and Connection Management – Addresses all the steps necessary to discover, manage, and improve the reliability of the network. More specifically, the topology manager allows network operators to auto-discover the physical topology of the network, including Lambda Node 2000’s connectivity. The connection manager utilizes the topology data to create bandpaths, bundle bandpaths into logical links, and provision end-to-end optical circuits with different service levels (1+1, auto-restore, 1:1, and 1:N)

  • Fault Management – Provides real-time fault detection, isolation, identification and correlation, as well as historical alarm and client information. This functionality enables remote troubleshooting services that allow network operators to identify and correct current and potential network problems, minimizing network downtime and making the network more reliable

  • Configuration Management – Allows network operators to configure the Lambda Node 2000 integrated optical switches and dynamically manage inventory

  • Performance Management – Allows network operators to track performance of circuits to manage service level agreements (SLAs) and provides optical and SONET/SDH performance monitoring counts

  • Security Management – Allows network operators to protect the network from unauthorized users and/or sabotage by controlling user access

  • Network Engineering Tool – Allows network operators to plan ahead for changes in network traffic and allocate bandwidth on existing equipment, or add new equipment to ensure SLAs are upheld. This includes examination of network grooming, capacity planning and traffic growth, failure simulation, resiliency designs, and end-to-end path protection schemes

Intuitive Graphic Interface for Efficient Provisioning
LambdaCreate allows network operators to efficiently provision and optimize Lambda Node 2000 resources throughout the network. The software suite’s intuitive point-and-click graphic interface provides a single view of the entire network and each Lambda Node, allowing network operators to manage the all-optical network remotely from any location, at any time. This functionality reduces the need for manual provisioning and network management – speeding service delivery and boosting network performance. LambdaCreate also includes a TMF-814 compliant CORBA interface to allow for easy integration with other network and service management systems.

Integrated Network
Management Suite
Topology Manager
Fault Manager
Configuration Manager
Performance Manager
Security Manager