Carrier-Grade Intelligent Optical Cross-Connect

The carrier-grade LambdaNode 3000 OXC System dramatically reduces CAPEX and OPEX and enables rapid provisioning of high-bandwidth services. Lambda OpticalSystems’ intelligent optical cross-connect incorporates an all-optical fabric with dynamic GMPLS control plane for metro and long-haul locations. It gives carriers faster provisioning of wavelength, waveband or fiber signals and adds dynamic protection and restoration to static DWDM transport networks.

Creates Dynamic and Survivable Optical Networks

Adding the LambdaNode 3000 to an existing wave division multiplexing (WDM) network creates the ability for carriers to provide intelligent path routing and mesh network protection that make networks more dynamic and survivable. The system is designed to upgrade an existing static, single- or multi-wavelength optical transport network into a dynamic application-driven optical network.

The LambdaNode 3000 all-optical cross-connect and software will:

  • Provide bit-rate independent and transparent switching to any protocols.
  • Enable carriers to provide unique all-optical services such as optical virtual private networks (O-VPNs).
  • Switch fiber rapidly to increase network resiliency.
  • Add dynamic fiber and wavelength support to static WDM transport networks.
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by using lower-power all-optical technology and dynamic control plane.

Optical Test Port

The LambdaNode 3000 Optical Test Port feature provides automatic topology discovery and circuit verification in optical networks. Based on standardized GMPLS Link Management Protocol (LMP) procedures, the Optical Test Port provides the following capabilities:

  • Enables discovery of neighbor-to-neighbor connectivity in optical WDM networks
  • Allows automated verification of an end-to-end optical circuit

Carrier Grade Design

The carrier-grade design of the LambdaNode 3000 OXC provides fully redundant system control and switch fabric for high-availability operations. Optical ports, which can handle single or multiple lambdas, are scalable to any speed from 50Mbs to 40Gbs, with no need to upgrade fabric for higher port speeds. Other features of the OXC system include:

  • Support for 1+1 path protection.
  • High density of 128x128 full duplex ports for medium and large switch applications.
  • Scalability 256x256 port fabric within the same system bay.

Transparency Simplifies Operation

  • No need to encapsulate traffic into a common protocol.
  • Optical signals remain in native format and switch in an all-optical manner to decrease latency and provide a deterministic path which are required for grid networks and eScience applications.
  • Can support any protocol: Ethernet, ATM, IP, Fibre Channel, FICON, Video.

The LambdaNode 3000
All-Optical Switch