Lambda OpticalSystems – Switching into the Optical Future

The global telecommunications carrier industry is in the midst of disruptive change. Deregulation, commoditization, and IP proliferation are transforming the competitive landscape. To survive and prosper, carriers must transition their infrastructure to deliver high-bandwidth, multi-service applications.

Considering the enterprise market, organizations are demanding converged network services – voice, data, storage and video on one network – as well as enhanced security. Government agencies, for example, have growing requirements for fast, high-bandwidth application delivery, particularly in the realms of grid computing, remote visualization, and terabit file transfer.

The first company to deliver an all-optical switch, Lambda OpticalSystems unleashes the power of next-generation optical networks. Unlike traditional Optical-Electrical-Optical (OEO) switches that must convert packet format from optical to electrical to process the routing instructions before converting back to optical to redirect the packets across the network, the Lambda OpticalSystems all-optical (OOO) switch processes packets in native optical form. This all-optical capability provides tremendous benefits in network price, performance, and agility as it eliminates the need for expensive OEO components and their inherent inefficiencies.

As Lambda OpticalSystems provides new capabilities in all-optical switching, the company leverages the best of today’s proven technologies by integrating Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) with its technology. DWDM allows diverse packet formats (SONET/SDH, IP, ATM, etc.) to travel together at the same time on one optical fiber, with each signal on a separate wavelength – maximizing available network capacity and transmission speed.

Lambda OpticalSystems offers a full set of optical networking products, including Lambda Node™2000, the industry’s first all-optical switch; the LambaNode™3000 all-optical cross connect; the LambaNode™200 optical switching system and Lambda Create™, the associated suite of distributed and dynamic control plane and integrated network management software tools. The company empowers its customers to layer these next-generation technologies on top of their legacy systems to seamlessly upgrade their infrastructure while protecting installed investments. The Lambda Node 2000 supports both ring and mesh topologies, as well as migration of ring to mesh architectures, which are recognized for their survivability and ability to provide effective scaling for network growth. The Lambda Node 2000 also supports GMPLS control plane, which automates circuit provisioning and node discovery. Additional benefits of Lambda OpticalSystems’ technology include:
  • Protocol Independence – Lambda Node is protocol and bit-rate independent, carrying each signal on its own wavelength and enabling savings through the elimination of dedicated protocol conversion equipment

  • Quality of Service – Lambda Node ensures reliable and consistent network traffic. It eliminates the variable delays caused by signal processing at the nodes in traditional optical network topologies. Point-to-point delay is fixed, allowing the delivery of predictable and manageable real-time, high-speed services throughout the network

  • Transparency – As Lambda OpticalSystems’ solutions are designed to operate in an overlay fashion across existing network configurations, network components provide genuine transparency without any disruption of existing signals – allowing simple migration to higher degree or meshed networks

  • Flexibility – Lambda OpticalSystems’ solutions suite’s flexibility supports all technology protocols and applications – Ethernet, HDTV, etc. – including proprietary signals. In addition, network operators can efficiently deploy a Lambda OpticalSystems network regardless of network topology – including ring, mesh, and hybrid configurations

  • Simplicity and Scalability – Lambda OpticalSystems’ solutions suite empowers network managers to plan, build, and manage new networks easily from one remote interface. Operations costs are reduced through elimination of provisioning errors and speeding of service activation. For example, managers can rapidly provision new customers online and reconfigure services. The solutions’ scalability enables organizations to expand capacity without large capital expenses, addressing the carrier market’s requirement to increase bandwidth and availability at the lowest possible cost

  • Security – Lambda OpticalSystems solutions provide security at both the physical and logical layers, enabling the creation of services such as optical virtual private networks (O-VPNs) and virtual DWDM paths. With the growth of sensitive information transportation over metro and regional networks, an all optical approach is required to ensure a safe and secure network
Based in Reston, Virginia with additional facilities in Holmdel, New Jersey; Tokyo; and Milan, Lambda OpticalSystems boasts a world-class management team and research and development organization focused on bringing innovative solutions to market that meet customer requirements and transform the telecommunications landscape. The all-optical future is here – today.