Optical Services Platform

Pioneering AdvancedTCA® in the Optical Network Layer

The LambdaNode 5000 Optical Services Platform leads the way in the rapid provisioning of optical services for access, metro, and regional applications, offering customers flexibility and investment protection. Based on the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA®), the LambdaNode 5000 platform takes a lead role in the rapid provisioning of optical services for access and metro applications. The AdvancedTCA shelf supports standardization of optical transport systems and provides increased flexibility via a competitive blade (circuit pack) environment.

Increased flexibility, lower cost, and investment protection

Incorporating leading edge technology, the LambdaNode 5000 platform provides unprecedented switching capability that extends from two-degree ring topologies to multi-degree mesh topologies. Among the benefits offered by the LambdaNode 5000 platform:
  • Reduce CapEx costs through standardization of integrated optical systems such as Wavelength Selectable Switching (WSS) and ROADMs (reconfigurable add/drop multiplexers) on AdvancedTCA
  • Reduce OpEx costs through GMPLS control-plane with auto discovery, automated inventory, provisioning, and fault management
  • Improve optical network flexibility with a path from rings to mesh topology and dynamic reconfigurability
  • Rapidly customize specific applications just by changing circuit packs.
  • Simplify management through common control and management software

Complementing the LambdaNode 2000 and LambdaCreate™ software

The LambdaNode 5000 platform complements the features of the LambdaNode 2000, the industry’s first integrated, all-optical switch, while continuing to offer:
  • simplified network engineering and operation
  • dynamic, flexible network configuration
  • high-availability service protection
  • differentiated transport services
  • elimination of costly O-E-O conversions
  • scalability to 40 Gbps
  • carrier-class fault and performance management
  • protocol and bit-rate independence.

Based on these attributes, the LambdaNode 5000 platform is the ideal choice to support legacy ATM and Sonet/SDH networks as well as converged IP, IPTV, Internet-based video, interactive gaming, storage area networking, Ethernet, Lambda Grid, WSS, and ROADM applications.


The LambdaNode 5000
Optical Services Platform