Irfan Ali, President and Chief Executive Officer

Irfan Ali is president and chief executive officer of Lambda OpticalSystems, an advanced optical network solutions provider. Ali leads the company, applying his extensive experience in the telecommunications industry to manage Lambda OpticalSystems’ continued growth as a provider of all optical switches and sophisticated optical network management tools to telecommunications carriers, government agencies, and research institutions.

Prior to joining Lambda OpticalSystems, Ali served as president of CommWorks Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3Com. Prior to this position, Ali was vice president of marketing for 3Com’s carrier networks business unit, where he led development of the company’s global business, with particular focus on Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Previously, Ali worked for Newbridge Networks, Inc. (acquired by Alcatel in May 2000), where he first served as assistant vice president, building the ATM and frame relay businesses for the company. Subsequently, he served as vice president of marketing for Newbridge Networks, Inc. Prior to that, Ali worked for Nortel, both as part of the scientific staff and in market development. He was also founder of the ATM Forum. Ali holds a master’s degree in business administration and a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from the Southern Methodist University.

Dr. Abdella Battou, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Vice President of Research and Development

Dr. Abdella Battou is founder, chief technology officer, and vice president of research and development for Lambda OpticalSystems, where he is responsible for overseeing the company's system architectures, hardware design and software development teams.

Previously, Battou served as co-founder and vice president of software at Firstwave Secure Intelligent Optical Networks. Additionally, he served as senior research scientist for the Naval Research Laboratory's high speed networking group, Center for Computational Sciences.

Dr. Battou holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree, a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, and a Master of Science degree in mathematics from the Catholic University of America.

Lenny Chin, Director of Product Management and Marketing

Lenny Chin is director of product management and marketing of Lambda OpticalSystems, where he is responsible for managing and developing the company’s product portfolio and executing marketing strategies. Utilizing his extensive knowledge in cross-connect technology, packet switching, and optical platform technology, Chin brings more than 19 years of telecommunications and data communications industry experience to the company.

Prior to Lambda OpticalSystems, Chin served as director and senior manager of transport switching and OSS integration at Tellabs, which designs and deploys technology for telecommunications service providers. Prior to this, Chin served as director of product management for Ocular Networks, a telecommunications start-up later acquired by Tellabs.

Previously, Chin held various product marketing and management positions for companies including Network Access Solutions, Ciena Corporation, Newbridge Networks (now Alcatel), Acterna, and Raytheon Corporation. Chin obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University.

Steven Field, Corporate Controller and Treasurer

Steven Field is corporate controller and treasurer of Lambda OpticalSystems, where he oversees financial management of the company, employing his vast experience in capital raising, treasury management, financial forecasting, human resources, and MIS functions.

Prior to joining Lambda OpticalSystems, Field served as corporate controller and treasurer of Etenna Corporation, which makes embedded antennas for portable communications equipment.

Previously, Field served as director of planning and analysis for OTG Software, where he was responsible for financial forecasting and budgeting operating activities, including initial public offering planning for the storage software company. Additionally, Field served as controller for Picture Network International, a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak, where he led the company’s daily accounting operations, financial forecasting, and administrative functions. Field received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Maryland and is a certified public accountant.

Makoto (Mark) Suzuki, President, Asia

Mark Suzuki is president of Lambda OpticalSystems, Asia, where he leads the company’s business and market development. Suzuki comes to Lambda OpticalSystems with more than 20 years experience from Hitachi, where he was tasked with developing international and domestic sales strategies as executive officer to the sales and management division. Suzuki also served as board director for the international division of Hitachi, managing company sales for wireless communications, broadcast systems, and electronic device production systems.

Suzuki served as president of Hitachi Telecom (USA). He also worked for Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi Europe, where he oversaw sales and marketing, as well as research and development for products including SONET, SDH, and ATM.

Suzuki earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in electrical engineering from Sophia University in Tokyo.

Darrell Sager, Director of Manufacturing Operations

Darrell Sager is Director of Manufacturing Operations at Lambda OpticalSystems where he oversees operations, manufacturing, supply chain and vendor management. Prior to joining Lambda Optical Systems, he was a manager at Lucent Technologies Optical Networking Group, where he was responsible for managing component commodities and developing strategies including the Wavestar 400G DWDM System. Mr. Sager was also at AT&T Sub-Marine Systems on optical amplifiers and AT&T Network Systems on SONET and WDM long haul transmission equipment.

Mr. Sager has a B.S. Computer Science, Monmouth University.

Dr. Fernanda Mendez, Director of Sales and Business Development - CALA; Director of Customer Support and Engineering

Dr. Fernanda Mendez is Director of Sales and Business Development for Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) where she is responsible for revenue and channel relationships. She is also Director of Customer Support and Engineering where she manages technical pre-sales activity and post-sales customer support. Dr. Mendez comes to Lambda OpticalSystems with more than 14 years experience in the telecommunications sector.

Previously, Dr. Mendez was Senior Director of Market Development and Customer Advocacy at Photuris, Inc. where she was responsible for channel relationships and tier 1 carriers in the Caribbean and Latin America such as Telmex, Telefonica, and the international divisions of Verizon, SBC, AT&T, and MCI. She was also Senior Director of Customer Support and Network Analysis at Celight, Inc and provided guidance on building ultra high capacity and long reach lightwave systems for long haul markets. Additionally, Dr. Mendez held management positions at Lucent Technologies Optical Network Analysis Group, Optical Networking Group and Optical Technology Group for SONET and DWDM systems.

Dr. Mendez holds a Ph.D, MSEE and BSEE from City College of New York.

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