Lambda OpticalSystems’ customer support team provides a complete set of professional services required to properly plan, execute, and maintain live networks. Services include:
  • Customized Network Analysis – Provides traffic engineering tools that help network operators understand traffic patterns and expected growth to make cost effective decisions

  • Deployment Support – Develops detailed plans and provides customer support to ensure timely and effective network deployment, including:

    • Engineering – Conducts comprehensive site surveys, evaluating rack layout, cabling, and power requirements to ensure successful installation

    • Planning and Ordering – Provides project management support to ensure effective communication, scheduling, and product ordering for on-time, on-budget installations

    • Installation – Provides installation support and ensures compliance with all relevant regulations

    • Acceptance Testing – Provides assurance that all customer requirements have been met prior to handing off management to the network operator

  • Maintenance – Prevents network downtime by maintaining equipment to ensure peak performance

  • Issue Resolution and Repairs – Guarantees rapid response to service requests to ensure customer networks provide the highest operational uptime

  • Technical Support and Training – Provides ongoing training to ensure network operators have the tools and understanding they need to support and operate their optical networks
For further information, please contact Lambda OpticalSystems Customer Support at

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