Intelligent Optical Switching System

Lambda OpticalSystemsí intelligent optical switching system incorporates an all-optical fabric with dynamic GMPLS control plane for metro, access and campus locations. The all-optical switching system and software will:
  • Provide transparent switching to any protocols
  • Switch bands or groups of lambdas on each switch port
  • Add dynamic fiber and wavelength support to static WDM transport networks
  • Enable education and government labs to research optical networks
  • Add all-optical switch function to OEO-based OXC junctions

Intelligent All-Optical Switching System

The LambdaNode 200 a leading intelligent all-optical switching system with integrated GMPLS control plane. Designed for metro, access and campus locations, it offers the ability to switch traffic in native format without converting to electrical format which saves on space and power. The GMPLS software has been tested for interoperability with leading router and multi-service provisioning platforms (MSPPs).

Creates Dynamic and Survivable Optical Networks

Adding the LambdaNode 200 to an existing WDM network creates the ability to provide intelligent path routing, mesh network protection that make networks more dynamic and survivable. The system is designed to upgrade an existing static single or multi-wavelength optical transport network into a dynamic application-driven optical network. Optional protection mechanisms include: 1+1, 1:1 and 1:N.

Transparency Simplifies Operation

  • No need to encapsulate traffic into a common protocol.
  • Optical signals can remain in native format and switched in all-optical manner to decrease latency and provide a deterministic path which are required for grid networks and eScience applications
  • Can support any protocol: Ethernet, ATM, IP, Fibre Channel, FICON, Video

Optimal Design

  • Optical ports are scalable to any speed from 50Mbs to 40Gbs. No need to upgrade fabric for higher port speeds.
  • Optical ports can handle single or multiple lambdas.
  • High density of 64 x 64 full duplex ports for small and medium switch applications
  • Saves space and power. Only 5.25 inches tall (3 telco rack units), the LambdaNode 200 can easily fit into a small telecom closet with a rated 640Gbps capacity if 10Gbs SONET or 10Gbs Ethernet protocols are used.

Intelligent Service Delivery

  • Single management plane with point-and-click LambdaCreate Services Delivery System.
  • Fast single person end-to-end remote provisioning/rearrangement and rapid automatic restoration for the entire network.
  • Single LambdaCreate Optical Control Plane across all LambdaNode 200s and 2000s.


The LambdaNode 200
All-Optical Switch