All-Optical Switching

The LambdaNode 2000 is the industry’s only integrated all-optical switch. Unlike other “optical” switches that have to convert optical signals into electrical signals and then back to optical format for transport, the LambdaNode 2000 executes all switching in native optical format. This “all-optical” approach eliminates the requirement for organizations to maintain expensive OEO conversion equipment on their networks. What does this mean for carrier and enterprise customers? Lower signal delays, reduced cost, higher performance, improved reliability, and enhanced manageability. The LambdaNode 2000 utilizes 3-D MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical-systems) for reliable, rapid switch time and low signal loss for effective optical switching. 3-D MEMS have met the rigorous Telcordia GR-63 design standard that protects systems against extreme temperature, humidity, vibration, etc., and have shock tested to over 2,000 Gs (G for gravitation unit of measure).

Integrated DWDM

Built for ring, mesh, and ring/mesh metro and regional networks, the LambdaNode 2000 fully integrates Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology, which multiplies fiber capacity and allows diverse packet formats (SONET/SDH, IP, ATM, etc.) to travel together at the same time on one optical fiber. This integrated functionality eliminates the need for expensive transponders to convert signals back to 1310nm wavelengths and the associated optical switch ports, which are typically deployed in metro and regional networks.

Express Traffic

The LambdaNode 2000 supports optical circuits of up to 1,000 kilometers without electronic regeneration. More than 50 percent of network traffic does not need to stop at each node in the network, however traditional switches require all signals to stop in order to route them to their next location. Because it is all-optical and does not require signal conversion, the LambdaNode 2000 bands wavelengths, allowing network traffic to take the “express” route – traveling at the speed of light to its final destination.

GMPLS Advantages

Protocol agnostic, the LambdaNode 2000 is compatible with GMPLS (Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching), a standard that enables a broad suite of new communications applications. GMPLS provides enhancements to the Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) standard, supporting optical networks for time, wavelength, and space/packet switching. GMPLS adoption improves switching and photonic networking device performance, providing service providers with a scalable, cost-effective means to automate network management and facilitate the deployment of new services.

Multiple Degrees of Flexibility

In a typical metro network, DWDM terminals reside where the fiber ends and are interconnected by a manual fiber patch panel or an OEO junction switch. While most OEO switches enable traffic flow through two locations, the LambdaNode 2000 enables network traffic to flow through seven interfaces – maximizing network efficiency. Because the LambdaNode 2000 integrates an all-optical switch with DWDM, it allows network operators to interconnect up to three metro rings without the need to deploy an OEO switch at the junction of each DWDM terminal . It also readily supports a migration path to mesh topology. This minimizes redundancy inherent in traditional OEO networks – eliminating the need for excess equipment, reducing cost, and maximizing network performance.

Mesh Networking

Data networks can run logical mesh topology overlays on transport ring architectures, but burgeoning traffic demands on IP routers over-run threaded multi-ring transport networks. As such, survivability is a growing challenge. Mesh networks can rapidly scale to meet the demands of these networks and offer the necessary survivability. The LambdaNode 2000 is designed to support physical mesh topology to meet the growing transport needs of high-speed packet networks and offer the robust survivability required on these converged networks.

The LambdaNode family is also fully integrated with the LambdaCreate network management software suite.


The LambdaNode 2000
All-Optical Switch