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Equipment Provider to Deliver Integral Components for Next-Generation All-Optical Networking Solutions

Hayward, California, May 5, 2004 – Glimmerglass, a pioneer of transparent connectivity solutions, today announced that it has been awarded a $10 million contract to supply Lambda OpticalSystems, an advanced optical network solutions provider, with its carrier-class REFLEXION switching fabrics over the next two years. Glimmerglass has already delivered more than $1 million worth of fabrics to Lambda OpticalSystems, which incorporates the Glimmerglass fabrics within its Lambda NODE all-Optical switching family.

Together, Glimmerglass and Lambda OpticalSystems worked through the specification and development of the world’s smallest and highest-performing optical switching fabrics, which are based on Glimmerglass’ Brilliance microphotonics technology comprised of a state-of-the-art 3D MEMS architecture and connection-control software. These components enable Lambda OpticalSystems to deliver affordable, flexible, and secure all-optical network solutions to customers. Key customer groups include government agencies that require reliable high-bandwidth data delivery and telecommunications carriers pressed to deliver enhanced services as cost-effectively as possible.

“Glimmerglass’ technology is a key component of our optical networking solutions, because it enables the fast, reliable switching of optical wavelengths from one point to another,” said Dr. John Taylor, Chairman of Lambda OpticalSystems. “Next generation networks must be based on a transparent, all-optical core in order to support and effectively deliver a host of data, video, and other connection-intensive applications, regardless of protocol or data rate. Our partnership with Glimmerglass allows us to exceed the demanding performance requirements of government agencies and carriers at a fraction of the cost of traditional optical networks.”

“Glimmerglass is revolutionizing the way light moving through fiber is connected across networks,” said Mark Housley, president and CEO of Glimmerglass. “We are delighted that Lambda OpticalSystems chose to partner with us for its switching technology development and product sourcing.”

Lambda OpticalSystems’ all-optical network solutions combine DWDM technology with an industry-first capability to switch at the wavelength level. Unlike traditional DWDM networks, signals do not have to convert from optical to electric and back to optical again at each network node. Instead, all signal conversion and protocol-specific functions occur on the edge of the network, allowing core transmissions to be rapidly switched, routed, protected, and managed at the individual wavelength level – unobstructed by traditional switching technology. This capability enables customers to realize significant cost savings, as it reduces network capital requirements by up to 80 percent.

“Lambda OpticalSystems’ solution set is central to extending DWDM networks beyond today’s point-to-point systems to fully-switched mesh configurations of any complexity,” said Housley. “The signal conversion savings alone are remarkable.”

Lambda OpticalSystems’ Product Family

Lambda OpticalSystems offers a family of optical networking products, including the Lambda CREATE™ software suite of integrated network management tools and the Lambda NODE™ all-Optical switching family. The company’s Lambda Optical Control Plane (LOCP) enables integrated visibility and management of the entire end-to-end network from a single dashboard or operation center. The Lambda NODE 2000 optical switching system is highly scalable, expandable from 64 to 256 wavelengths in a single bay. The Lambda NODE 4000 optical switching system supports up to 1024 wavelengths. The Glimmerglass fabrics inside these switching systems deliver non-blocking connections that enable Lambda NODE systems to switch both individual wavelengths and wavebands (groups of wavelengths). When fully equipped, a Lambda NODE 2000 system utilizes eight Glimmerglass switching fabrics, providing 100 percent redundancy.

The Glimmerglass Product Family

The Glimmerglass REFLEXION family is available in transparent switching configurations with sub-10ms switching times and a maximum insertion loss of 3 dB. Glimmerglass REFLEXION represents the smallest commercial subsystem of its kind due in part to Glimmerglass’ advanced, patented microphotonics technology. REFLEXION significantly reduces overall system costs and delivers unsurpassed reliability and photonic switching performance.

About Lambda OpticalSystems

Lambda OpticalSystems, an advanced optical network solutions provider, is committed to the development of next-generation all-optical networks that enable signals to pass through the core without conversion– enhancing network management efficiency and affordability. Sevin Rosen Funds and ComVentures, two very highly respected venture firms with strong track records in successful telecommunications companies’ investments and business development, incorporated the company in March of 2003. With a clear new vision for its future, Lambda OpticalSystems has developed and brought to market a complete family of optical networking products which allow end-to-end services delivery and network management over all-optical networks at the individual wavelength level.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Lambda OpticalSystems also operates an additional product development location in Holmdel, New Jersey. For more information, please visit

About Glimmerglass

Glimmerglass develops and manufactures the smallest, highest performing, and most reliable transparent connectivity solutions that manage light at the physical fiber, waveband, and individual wavelength levels. For more information about Glimmerglass, visit , send email to, or call +1 510-780-1800.

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